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Sandwich week…

This week is officially sandwich week!  As a full-time college student, I don’t always have a spare hour to whip up a fancy meal, not to mention I am on a budget.  Sandwiches are great because you can throw them in your book bag or eat them on the way to class.  So I went grocery shopping a few days ago and I picked up some freshly baked Ciabatta rolls.  I love this bread because it is soft on the inside, but it has a nice crust, especially if you pop it in the oven for a couple minutes.  Sourdough is nice too, however, I like the subtle sweetness of Ciabatta.  My refrigerator is also well stocked with a variety of toppings to go with the rolls.  I have already experimented with two different recipes that turned out to be absolutely delicious, and SO easy.  Stay tuned!


This blog is dedicated to my profound passion for food.  I hope to inspire other food lovers and convert the non-believers through my ideas and recipes.  For me, this blog is a small step closer to joining the ranks of the great culinary artists.  But hey, you have to start somewhere right?  Welcome and enjoy!