Hello!  My name is Jessica Levine and I love to cook.  Food is my passion in life and I am so happy I finally figured that out.  In 2010, I entered college with a love for design and the arts.  So I applied for the art school at my university and went through an intensive program to get into the architecture “fast-track” course.  I was accepted in the Spring of 2011 and continued architecture classes in the fall.  After all the long, stressful days drafting in the studio and fighting with AutoCAD, I would come back to my apartment and cook and bake and cook some more.  I can recall very few nights that I was not at the stove and eventually, I figured out that cooking was my therapy.  It its own way, the culinary arts still implement elements of design.  However, I now have a spatula and a mixer instead of a drafting pencil and a drafting board.  So I am on to the next adventure and a new chapter in my life.  If all goes well, my goal and dream is to be able to work in Europe for a year at a patisserie.  For now I hope to educate and influence people through my writing, and maybe I will awaken your inner foodie as well.  Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. We are so proud of you. It’ so great hat (FINALLY) we have more food obsessed “genes” in the family. You go girl-a pastry externship awaits you at The Manor House @ Poplar Springs. We love you!!!!

  2. haha this is hilarious!! but in a good way. It’s good to see you’re doing something about your passion. Now bake me some food, I’m hungry!

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