Imitation Lofthouse Cookie Sandwiches

From garage to international business, Lofthouse cookies has flourished since 1994.  I remember my first bite of a Lofthouse cookie.  It was the Valentine’s Day Pink Frosted Sugar Cookie.  I made a mess of the sprinkles, but the incredibly soft sugar cookie melted in my mouth and it’s one of my favorite treats to date.  Lofthouse now offers a variety of colors for the different seasons and holidays.  My favorite cookies are still the pink frosted!

On Valentine’s Day I decided to tackle an imitation Lofthouse cookie recipe I found on Pinterest, courtesy of the Authentic Suburban Gourmet blog.



Tip of the day: FREEZE YOUR LOFTHOUSE COOKIES!  I put the leftover cookie sandwiches in the back of my freezer (to hoard for myself obviously) and I couldn’t control myself.  The cookie is so soft that it doesn’t freeze and the frosting slightly hardens.

I used homemade Italian meringue buttercream frosting for the filling in these cookies.  I couldn’t find the exact recipe, but this one is pretty close!

I highly recommend doubling the recipe because I always run out and the frosting will last for a few weeks in the refrigerator.

A final note on the baking instructions:  I cut out my cookies with a standard-sized shot glass, and baked them at 400 degrees for 5 minutes.  You have to really watch these cookies because the bottom browns quickly.  Remove them from the oven when the top of the cookies are puffed up, but the bottoms are still white.  Place them immediately on a cool surface so the pan does not continue to cook the cookies.  In this case, pale is better!


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